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Alex Evans


Alexandria Evans is a highly motivated and ambitious leader with a passion for improving the lives of others. She began her work with Moonridge Group as an intern and became an official member of the team in August of 2019.

Alexandria has been a resident of the Las Vegas Community since 2007, where she has dedicated much of her time to volunteerism, community outreach, and development. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

During her undergrad, Alexandria served as the Director of Development of the UNLVolunteers Hunger and Homelessness Committee while conducting research investigating the disparity in access to emergency contraception in Southern Nevada.

Following graduation, she embarked upon the journey to obtain her Master’s degree. During this time, Alexandria served as a Health Educator/Community Outreach Coordinator for Nevada Senior Services; in addition to co-hosting a podcast and producing various research articles related to health promotion and health disparities. While immersed in the world of philanthropy and nonprofits, Alexandria became inspired to combine her love of public health and philanthropy. Currently, she is a doctoral student working to obtain her Ph.D. in Public Health with a focus on Social and Behavioral Health.

In her free time, Alexandria enjoys binge-watching her favorite T.V. shows, traveling, and letting loose with her family and friends.