About Moonridge Group

We are the catalyst

Moonridge Group, a philanthropy consulting firm, advises funders, individual philanthropists and family foundations seeking to strengthen their philanthropic impact. With years of experience Moonridge Group empowers funders to achieve effective philanthropy in the US and abroad.

A long philanthropic history

Julie Murray is one of Nevada’s foremost social entrepreneurs. Throughout her two decades in public life, she has founded and advised a range of organizations that seek to improve the quality of life for those at risk by supporting hunger relief, educational outreach, public safety, and corporate philanthropy. Seeing a greater need for strategic philanthropy in Southern Nevada, she founded Moonridge Group in 2011. Her leadership skills have helped create strong coalitions, bringing together stakeholders, elected officials and philanthropists to solve our most pressing social problems.

Comprehensive services

Moonridge Group provides a broad range of services for its clients. We work with foundations, individual funders, and corporate givers on developing strategic, high-impact philanthropy programs. We work with nonprofits to ensure that they have a thoughtful strategy in place, strong leadership, and a plan for sustainability. And, we work across sectors to bring big community projects to life.

Any questions or thoughts?

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