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Moonridge Board Matchmaker

This tool allows organizations to find fantastic new members for their board, and allow individuals in our community to find opportunities to take volunteer leadership roles with organizations they are excited about.



We see great need in our community for strong leaders and so many individuals with a deep passion for giving back…

our goal is to connect the two! We have made dozens of successful matches, and look forward to helping you find a match!

If you are an


seeking a board member

I wanted to say thank you so much for introducing me to our new board member.  She is fantastic.  We have officially recruited her and can't begin to convey what a perfect fit she is with Caridad's mission and vision of where we want to go as an agency.  Eternally grateful for the intro.  

Merideth Spriggs

President/Chief Kindness Officer


If you are an


looking to join a board

Thanks to Board Matchmaker for introducing Homeward Bound to Holly Spoor. Holly has joined our board and brings enthusiasm and expertise that will contribute greatly to our organization. 

Mark Brandenburg, Board Chair, Homeward Bound Cats

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