Philanthropy Strategy

We advise corporate funders, family foundations, and individuals on how to best direct their philanthropic resources to achieve their goals and maximize social impact. We are committed to outcome-based giving; based on rigorous research, close engagement, and continual evaluation. We believe in the incredible potential of philanthropic capital – and help our clients to ensure that their resources are used effectively and efficiently.


We take you through the discovery process and help you manage the complexities of starting or expanding a foundation. Through thoughtful examination of the issues, we help you decide where your work can have the greatest impact.

Our Services:

  • Assessing client interests, passions, and goals

  • Conducting thorough research on the field of focus to best understand the latest knowledge and what gets results

  • Developing an outcome-based plan in line with your goals

  • Identifying partners and collaborators, and helping to foster connections

  • Recommending innovative approaches and practices

  • Helping you to evaluate results

  • Facilitating workshops and roundtables to bring together leaders in philanthropy

Current and past clients include:

Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Foundation

Bennett Family Foundation

Greater Good Council

Jeff Civillico

Nevada Corporate Giving Council

NV Energy

Paragon Gaming (including Parq Resort in Vancouver)

Philanthropy Leaders Summit

Jameson Fellowship