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Community Development and Collaboration

Managing and keeping multiple stokeholds inspired and focused on moving a project forward can be a tedious task. Moonridge Group’s expert staff serves as an independent party, bringing together visionaries, organizations, government agencies, and academic leaders to ensure productivity and lasting impact while helping to reduce redundancy and inefficiency.

What we do and how we do it:


  • Assessment, Discovery, and Evaluation

  • Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Identify sources of Philanthropic Capital

  • Innovative Approaches and Practices

  • Monitor and Evaluate


  • Liaison and Representative

  • Program Management

  • Event Coordination

  • Serving as a Spokesperson and Representative


  • Partners, Collaborators, and Network Building

  • Engage

  • Facilitate and Convene

  • Communications

Current and past clients include:

SNRPC Committee on Homelessness

Fremont East Entertainment District

Nevada Medical Center

UNLV 2.0: Community Tour


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