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The People Who Make Moonridge: Julie Murray

The Moonridge team is proud of the individuals who make our work possible. The unique minds and voices comprising Moonridge Group drive the fantastic things going on here.

Hello Readers!

I’m Julie Murray, founder and CEO of Moonridge Group. It is an absolute honor and privilege to come to work each day alongside such smart, passionate people, and I don’t just mean the women in my office. The clients we get to work with and the projects they are doing, it truly energizes me every day as I come into our office in downtown Las Vegas. And I need that energy to keep up with everybody because we get to be part of such important projects. From the One Drop Foundation to the Jameson Fellows to our Philanthropy Leaders Summits to the Mayor's Fund to a long list of other fantastic projects, I feel so lucky and grateful for all the opportunities to help contribute to a better world since founding Moonridge Group in 2011. Seeing the real impacts of our work for good causes makes it easy to love what I do.

The hardest part is leaving my two pups at home. I say pups, but Henry’s got more wisdom in his coat than Gandalf (my son Riley will be proud of that reference as long as I know it’s not from Harry Potter). Lola, on the other hand, fits the mold of a pup perfectly – besides her size. She wants all the attention and affection possible, but I don’t think she realizes that at seventy pounds, she’s not a lap dog anymore… I might indulge her too much.

I have three kiddos too, but none of them are confusing their ages and wanting to sit on my lap anymore. Only my son Joe lives here in town, but I still get to see Kathleen (Reno) and Riley (DC) often considering their distances (aren’t these smartphones and cameras amazing?). We get together at least a couple times a year and play BINGO with grandma or confuse Lola with who she most wants attention from.

My son Riley's graduation from law school with my daughter Kathleen, Riley's girlfriend Cori, my son Joe, and his fiancée Caty

I am also blessed with a close group of friends that's very much like family now. I treasure when we get the chance to get together to share great conversations about our travels or staying fit and healthy or even changing the world (over a glass of wine, of course). I truly feel like they push me, even if only to make sure I'm attending my Pilates classes or keeping up on my Spanish lessons. They just help make everything fun.

That’s my family and friends, and I would say they’re my break from work, but it’s not like I’m begging for a break every day because I really do love what we do here at Moonridge and at my other ventures. In fact, next year I'll be serving as President of the International Women's Forum - NV Chapter. It’s just so wonderful seeing people’s passions and talents create positive change in our community and worldwide. I’m so excited for all our events coming up and can’t wait to see the results of everybody’s hard work. I look forward to connecting with everyone through this blog and promise that I’m working to get better with social media, so Tweet us (is that how it’s said?) or use our hashtag #bethechange to share with us.

Thank you!


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