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Thank You Everyone at the Philanthropy Leaders Summit - Reno 2018

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

The entire experience of PLS Reno this year was totally amazing! We learned so much and feel so inspired after hearing all about Transformational Philanthropy.

Our hearts are so full from all the love at PLS Reno

We will come back with a full rundown of the speakers and the knowledge shared, but we just wanted to make sure to recognize all the awesome people who helped make it happen.

First of all, David Walker and our wonderful venue at the Nevada Museum of Art were such wonderful hosts. We can't say enough about how perfect the museum was for the large crowd, and what better space for some inspiration than their beautiful facility.

Every single one of our speakers just made the event such an invigorating experience. Our MC Punam Mathur kept us on track and laughing throughout the entire day. Konner Robison and Joe Bruce represented our Next Gen Panel, showing us that philanthropy in the future is still in good hands. Kristi Overgaard and Chris Reilly gave us such honest looks into their work and growth on our Innovative Philanthropy Panel. Rebecca Darling and Kristen Avansino got us all thinking about our social investments during our Transformational Philanthropy Panel. Mary Simmons and Shelley Gitomer represented the Nevada Corporate Giving Council and showed us how philanthropy is helping to shape our homes right here in Nevada. They also shared the plans to expand the Nevada Corporate Giving Council to Reno in 2019. And then our very own "Justin Beiber of Philanthropy," Jeremy Aguero showed us just how much our efforts are making an impact.

And who could forget our Keynote speaker, Rick Ridgeway, the Vice President of Public Engagement at Patagonia. Talk about igniting a fire inside of us! His discussion of the power of one individual and the lengths Patagonia goes to to make sure they impact our Earth as positively as possible, it truly has had us thinking about it ever since. We found ourselves having innumerable Ah Ha! moments while he spoke, and can't thank him enough for that.

Our entire Advisory Committee, co-chaired by Mark Bruce and Chrissy Menicucci, what a wonderful job you all did. The only problem you've created is: how do we top this moving forward??? The bar has been raised, and we really are so grateful for all your hard work.

The same goes for every one of our sponsors. We would not be able to hold such a powerful event without all the support we get from these wonderful organizations.

And last, to everybody else who took part by bringing your energy and questions and smiles and laughter for the event. It was a palpable atmosphere of giving and learning, and we can't wait to apply everything we took from the event - in fact, we're already at work on some of those major takeaways, implementing them into our plans right now!

Again, we're going to take some time to really absorb everything, and then we'll do our best to share all of it for those of you who couldn't join us - or for those of you who were there and just want to relive parts!

Honestly, the whole thing went so well that we can't wait for the next one, but at the same time, we're so inspired to do many things before the next time we get together with everyone. Our 2019 Las Vegas Summit in February will offer us the chance to try to at least match the same level of energy as this past week.

For now, we are just so grateful for all the people who helped make PLS Reno 2018 a huge success.

See other great things you wish we were talking about? Reach out to us via email at, via social media through @MoonridgeGroup on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and use the hashtag #bethechange. We love hearing about the wonderful things going on around us.

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