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The Moonridge Group Blog

Hello World! The Moonridge Group is excited to begin blogging and keeping you up to date on all the fantastic projects we get to be part of as well as opportunities for others to get involved. We'll tell you all about our staff, events, and the awesome people we work with (there might also be pictures of puppies because who can ever get enough of those?).

What We Intend to Share

At Moonridge, we are involved in so much all the time that we realize it's often difficult for us to keep people up to date on the great things we get to witness going on around us and the inspiring people and stories in our communities. We want everyone to feel the same sense of inspiration that we get from witnessing everything happening in the philanthropic world. We will regularly blog about philanthropists we work with, events we have the privilege to be part of, opportunities to contribute either through volunteering or donating, and the beautiful people who are working to make it all possible. We will also reflect on effective philanthropy and discuss our use of statistical analysis to effect the greatest amount of positive change.

Philanthropy is about so much more than writing a check.

How You Can Participate

Feel free to talk back to us. Share the cool things you see going on in your community. Tell us how you or those around you have chosen to #BeTheChange and how others can join you. We want to hear all about philanthropy going on everywhere!

Together, we can ensure that important social needs are met.

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