In this time of uncertainty, Moonridge Group and Moonridge Foundation continue to convene and equip funders with a variety of resources to tackle our community’s most complex issues.  We leverage our philanthropic expertise and agility to meet the ever-evolving demands of the COVID-19 crisis.  In whatever way our community needs us, we are devoted to navigating this unprecedented time together.


Powering Strategic Philanthropy


We are a philanthropy consulting firm, advising funders, individual philanthropists and family foundations seeking to strengthen their philanthropic impact. With years of experience, we empower funders to achieve effective philanthropy in the US and abroad.


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Annual Philanthropy Leaders Summit

Moonridge Group launched the annual Philanthropy Leaders Summit in 2012 as a way for funders to be inspired, be informed and stay connected.

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Philanthropy is...
The most authentic way to reveal the heart. It binds us in the a fundamental manner—one that unites the need to be better, the desire to give, and the calling to transform what is.
~ Moonridge Group Founder, Julie Murray